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Holiday Garden Hotel

In 1958, Mr. Chen, Zhi Pei, founded the Holiday Garden Hotel in Kaohsiung to support the overseas Chinese homecoming investment policy. The establishment was the first international tourist hotel in Taiwan. Shortly after the launching of the hotel, it assumed the role of being the optimum gathering venue for the high society and the ideal location for hosting major events, such as the Golden Horse Awards. The renowned calligrapher Yu, You-Ren, inscribed the name of the hotel in Chinese calligraphy and his masterpiece is currently being exhibited in the hotel. The founder’s beliefs are upheld in the operational philosophy of the hotel, which are to revere the customers and being persistently innovative. The Holiday Garden Hotel joined the Holiday Inn system in 1973 and became an unparalleled 5-star tourist hotel.

After 60 years of constant honing, the hotel’s excellent standards and its large scale of operation have been consistently preserved/sustained. Aside from the 270 guest rooms in different styles, the hotel boasts a range of exquisite facilities: lobby, banquet hall, outdoor swimming pool lined with coconut trees, gym, etc. In recent years, billions of dollars were invested in its renovation and remodeling. The modifications provided the guests with an invigorating sojourn experience through the adoption of room designs that emphasize opulence and coziness, and spatial designs that create well-illuminated and spacious interiors.

Apart from having its branch in Kaohsiung, the Holiday Garden Hotel Corporation has been committed to diversifying its operation overseas. The success of their commitment could be witnessed in the establishment of their 4 other hotels located in the Northern and Southern California.

In 2018 the Holiday Garden Hotel Corporation introduced the Holiday Garden Hotel Kaohsiung Taroko Park, a family-friendly establishment that embodies elements of an amusement park, located next to the Taroko Park Shopping Center. This concept was inspired by the successful operation of the Residence Inn Anaheim, a hotel located next to the California Disney Adventure Park. In replicating the success, the corporation aspires to achieve new heights in the corporation history and to boost the tourism industry in Kaohsiung.
  • Holiday Garden Hotel

    華園大飯店 六合館

    No.279, Liuhe 2nd Rd., Qianjin Dist., Kaohsiung City 801, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  • Kaohsiung Taroko Park

    華園大飯店 草衙館

    No. 1, Zhong’an Rd., Qianzhen Dist., Kaohsiung City 806, Taiwan (R.O.C.)