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Hotel Garden Kaohsiung: Eco-Friendly Hospitality

Hotel Garden Kaohsiung: Eco-Friendly Hospitality


At Hotel Garden Group, we're deeply committed to fostering a sustainable accommodation experience. From minimizing plastic usage to championing energy conservation and carbon reduction, every aspect of our operation reflects our profound respect for the environment.

Every stay with us is not just a testament to luxury, but also a nod to environmental consciousness. Together, let's pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world.

Choose our Eco-Hotel for a journey imbued with purpose and a vision for a sustainable future:

1.We proudly offer eco-friendly toiletries by O'right, urging our guests to support green initiatives and play their part in reducing carbon footprints.
2.We've replaced single-use toiletry containers with refillable large bottles, significantly cutting down on plastic waste.
3.We've introduced an eco-conscious stay option where disposable items aren't provided, and bed linens and towels aren't changed daily, promoting a deeper commitment to environmental protection.
4.Water dispensers are conveniently located on every floor, diminishing the need for single-use bottled water.
5.Air conditioning in our communal areas is meticulously regulated to prevent energy wastage.
6.Charging stations for EVs are available, advocating for low-carbon travel.
7.In our pursuit to champion public transportation, we provide guests with the iPass as their room key.

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